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What does Kinestique Offer?

Kinestique fills a gap in the market for a non-invasive and effective service — one that provides optimal diagnosis and a data-driven plan of action for our clients to regain optimal mobility.
Knee Kinesiography Exam

Wearing the KneeKG™ System

The physiotherapist will assist the patient in putting on the Kinestique KneeKG™ system and calibrating the system to capture data from each patient. The patient will then be put through a series of tests while in weight-bearing motion.

Capturing the patient’s 3D movements

The Kinestique KneeKG™ system will gather data through various sensors while the patient walks for 2 sets of 45 seconds (left/right).

Rendering a 3D bone model of the patient’s knee

The Kinestique KneeKG™ system will render the 3D bone model of your knee movements:
– Flexion / Extension
– Internal / External tibial rotation
– Varus / Valgus

Witnessing real-time 3D bone movement

Our physiotherapist will show patients their 3D bone model to facilitate visualization and dynamic analysis of joint movement.

Knee Rehabilitation Programme

Our rehabilitation plan consists of the following:

Soft Tissue Manipulation

Small Muscle Stabilisation

Dynamic Stretching and Muscle Lengthening

Prime Mover Muscle Strengthening

The components of the Pilates programme utilises the Pilates Reformer to
· Develop bilateral leg strength and hip mobility while challenging pelvic & spinal stability
· Develop dynamic stabilisation of the ankle, knee & hip joint while on a single leg
· Develop knee eccentric strength, hip and ankle mobility while challenging pelvic and spinal dynamic stability
· Develop overall core strength for dynamic trunk stabilisation