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About Us

Kinestique fills the gap in the market for non-invasive and effective service — one that provides optimal diagnosis, and a data-driven plan of action for our clients to regain optimal mobility.

Dedication to care

The study of the human body has always been fascinating, and it is considered an intricate masterpiece by many. At Kinestique Centre (“Kinestique”), our innovative services are developed by studying the mechanics of body movements. At the heart of our brand is the commitment and drive for medical accuracy.

Kinestique was borne out of the necessity to bridge care for the people we love. Through the proprietary technology we bring in and our constant quest for medical innovations, we make your road to recovery smoother, and your experience exceptional. Kinestique aims to fill the gap in the market for a non-invasive and effective service that provides optimal diagnosis, and a data-driven plan of action to regain optimal mobility.

With Kinestique, you can now adopt a revolutionary approach to age-old problems.

Vision & Mission


To make efficacious treatment accessible to people from all walks of life.


To provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment to help one on the road to recovery.

Brand Values

Kinestique’s brand values serve as a guiding compass for us as we navigate the evolving medical landscape.

With “Care and Caring” as the cornerstone of our brand, we value every relationship with our clients and just like what we would do for our family, we believe in providing the best to make you feel comfortable as we work towards a common goal – your recovery.

Kinestique was started for the purpose of rehabilitative care, achieved via accurate diagnosis and effective rehabilitative programmes. Through our service, we partner our clients to regain their mobility and fitness so that they can lead the lives they deserve.

We pride ourselves on providing kinesiography examinations that are scientifically proven to diagnose and identify causes of symptoms for impaired movements.

Our innovation stems from the desire to let the community have ease of access to a beneficial technology that streamline their way of life.

Driven by the pursuit of excellence and drive for continuous improvement, Kinesio Kinestique aims to leverage technology to be constantly at the medical forefront. Our technology leads to efficient outcomes that are unparalleled, fit only to treat.