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Knee Kinesiography
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Kinestique’s Knee Kinesiography examination provides our clients with optimal issue diagnosis of knee issues through non-invasive means.

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Singapore’s first Knee Kinesiography clinic

Kinestique Diagnostic Centre was borne out a necessity to bridge care for the people we love. Through the proprietary technology of knee kinesiography that we bring and our constant quest for medical innovation, we make your road to recovery smoother, and your experience exceptional.

Kinestique fills the gap in the market for a non-invasive and effective service — one that provides optimal issue diagnosis, and a data-driven actionable plan for our clients to regain optimal movement mobility.

Learn more about Knee Kinesiology by watching the video below.

What we do

Kinestique’s Knee Kinesiography

The Kinestique Process of diagnosing our clients’ knee issues
are outlined in the following steps:


Your attending Physiotherapist will assist you in wearing the Kinestique Knee Kinesiology exoskeleton.


You will then be required to walk on a treadmill. Data from your movement will be collected during this part of the process.


Your result will then be assessed by your attending doctor, after which an appropriate treatment can be advised.


Our physiotherapists will customise a personal rehabilitation plan for you that draws the best from physiotherapy.


Meet our team of international experts who are passionate about enhancing quality if life through medical accuracy and providing exceptional experiences.
Carmen Goh

Business Development Manager

Neneng Fatimah

Operations Manager

Valerie Wilson

Clinical & Biomechanical Specialist, Kinesiologist

Jean-Philippe Lajoie

Clinical and Technical Specialist, Kinesiologist


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